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Retirement Planning


Usually Austalians only begin to think about retirement plannng in their late 40's.  Until then super is seen as a foreign and uaccessable mystery.

We encourage people of all ages to begin considering the worth and performance of their superannuation savings.


Young poeple who sacrifice a small amount of their regular salary or revenue from self employment can both build a much larger and sustainable retirement plan than those who wait and save larger amount in their later years after their house is repaid and their family is grown.


A strong retirement plan means the difference between enjoying 30+ years of income to fund your lifestyle in retirement, travel and living standards so you can enjoy life.  In comparison to living off only the Centrelink Age Pension which only funds enough money to live just above the poverty line.


To achieve this you may only need to save as little as $50 per week (one pack of cigarettes each week)  if you start young.